Monday, September 12, 2011

Brother in law #6

And I almost forgot one of the most exciting things that happened this summer... my little sister-in-law got engaged!  We couldn't be happier for them.  Both Garrett and I love Jimmer and are excited to add another brother-in-law to our list.  Especially one who makes Whit so happy! 

Long overdue

Well it's official, I am a terrible blogger!  I once thought that I would be good at updating this thing once I got married, but I was wrong.  Let's see if I can change my ways.  So since I haven't written since June, I will use this post as a little mini update of the past 3 months!

-A trip to California with my family!  I don't think I started really appreciating our Adair family California trips until I moved away.  Nothing is better than a week on the beach with my favorite people.  I just discovered that I don't have a single picture from the trip:  looks like I was having too much fun to whip out  the camera.

- A visit from my mom, dad, and Mike.  I wish that the business aspect of the trip went a little better for the boys so more of these visits were in store!

- A day trip to Vail to meet Jimmy's girlfriend Jordan before the rest of the Wonnacott's traveled to Alaska.

-Hike to hanging lake.  It was BEAUTIFUL and reminded me of Havasupi.

- A quick trip to Utah to move Whitney

- My 1st 14er.  I'm trying to sound like I fit in with people here in Colorado with this phrase.  A 14er is any mountain over 14,000 feet.  It is not an easy task, but we loved it!  A couple from our ward invited us to camp the night before, and then hike Mount Democrat.  Don't let the summer date fool you: It was one of the coldest nigths of my life.  Even Garrett was cold...that's when you know!  But regardless it was a blast and this definitely won't be our last 14er.

In case you were wondering, that definitely is a band-aid on my forehead.  I was trying to start a new fashion statement.  I ran into the trunk of the car not once, but twice.  The second time did me in, hence the nasty band-aid.  I blame it on the fact that I lost a contact in our tent somewhere...

-The hottest August on record in Colorado.  I have a hard time saying this without laughing.  Everyday on the news, they talk about how hot it was.  But let me tell you, they don't know what hot is!  We didn't hit 100 degrees all summer.  I could get used to Colorado summer weather!  But it is starting to disappear before my eyes...  At least I love fall and the boots and sweaters that come with it.  It's the coats and snow I'm worried about!

Well I think this is long enough for now!  Sorry for the novel.  And I promise this time, I am not gone for good!