Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ashton Moments

So last night Garrett got me thinking about all the really really smart things I have done in my life... and by really really smart I mean unbelievably "blonde."  Let me tell you about a conversation we had last night when I discovered it was snowing.

Me: "I really wish we had some hot chocolate to make right now!"

Garrett:  "Didn't you buy chocolate milk today babe?"

Me:  "Well yeah, but I want hot chocolate, not chocolate milk."

Garrett:  "What do you think chocolate milk heated up is?"

hmmmm yeah never thought about that.  Now this is no where near my worst... but it got me thinking about some of the funny things I have done because of my ditziness.  So for your entertainment, I have thought of my top two "Ashton Moments."

2.  It was my first semester of college, and I was heading home for Thanksgiving.  Jamie, Josh, Zoie, and I were packed and ready to go!  We head to the ticket counter and I wait patiently for the Adcox's to get checked in.  Then it was my turn.  I enter my last name, and no flights show up.  I enter my confirmation number, and still no flights show up.  I think to myself "hmmm their system must not be working."  I then ask the lady behind the desk for some help.  Looks like this smarty pants booked her flight for the wrong day!  The wrong week even.  But don't worry, I managed to book the right time at least.  And this would happen over the busiest travel holiday!  Jamie laughed and called my mom while I tried to work something out with the Southwest assistant.  My poor mom didn't think her baby was going to make it home!  But I was given a standby ticket, and walked to the gate.  Everyone boarded, and still no call for "Ashton Adair."  But lo and behold, just as the plane was about to take off I heard "Ashton Adair, please come to Gate ..."  And I made it on the plane!  But not before having a serious blonde moment.

1.  And for number one.... this is a no brainer.  I hope I never do anything this bad ever again.  It happened just over a year ago.  I walked down to the parking garage to head to work, only to discover that my car wasn't where I left it...  I started to panic.  "Who was playing a joke on me?"  "This really isn't funny, I have to get to work."  Well after searching for a little while, I called my roommate to take me to work.  I started texting all my friends, asking if they had seen my car.  One of my other rommates (Katelin, you know who you are) claimed to have seen it the night before, right where I thought I had left it.  It was at this point where I thought it might be gone.  No one was admitting to playing a joke.  After a little while, I decided I had to call the cops.  I filed a claim for a stolen vehicle.  After work, one of my friends dropped me off at home so I could meet the cops.  The officer informed me that Honda Accords are the most commonly stolen cars in America, so of course they chose my car!  But who knew such a thing could happen in Provo Utah!  Of course I was crying a stressing by this point.  My dad reassured me that everything would be fine, and we would figure out the car situation when they came to visit the next weekend.  Poor Garrett had to drive me around for a couple days, and the cops still hadn't found anything out.  But one day on our drive to work, Garrett said "We know it can't be at school because you always walk to school with me."  DING DING DING.  I did walk to school with him that day, but I had a night class.....that I drove to.... and had a roommate pick me up for FHE.... Oh wow.  You would have thought I would have discovered this a little sooner!  Garrett dropped me off and headed to the Faculty Parking lot, where my car was peacefully sitting.  3 days in a faculty spot, and only 1 $10 dollar ticket.  Looks like Provo isn't that scary of a place after all!

Okay sorry for the novel... I miss writing.  But if you can think of another one of my "Ashton Moments"  feel free to share!