Friday, May 27, 2011

Goodbye BYE

I decided that graduation would be the best place for me to start.  Garrett and I decided we wanted as many major life chances to happen all at once as possible!  So, we both graduated April 22nd, then got married, then moved to a new state! Because of this, graduation kind of got swept under the rug for me.  I was ready to be done with student teaching, done with Provo, and ready for the wedding festivities!  But when graduation arrived, things started to fall into perspective.  I discovered that this really was a huge accomplishment and something I will always be grateful for.  

Thanks to these two, this whole graduation was possible.  They gave me this opportunity that I will always cherish.  Thank you mom and dad!  

Day one: Spent with all BYU graduates.  Elder Scott and President Samuelson gave incredible speeches, encouraging us to take the lessons and values we have learned and apply it to all aspects of life.
 And I got to graduate with this cute boy!  

 The wind was going nuts!

Day 2:  Notice the change in hair... This is the day we actually walked.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  As I walked onto the stage, I was thinking about some of the things I have learned from professors and friends through college, and what lessons I will be taking with me.  Say what you want about BYU, but the spiritual growth I experienced while getting my education would not have been possible elsewhere.  Garrett walked at 8 AM, and I didn't walk until 5PM so we had quite the day of LONG LONG ceremonies.  We had too of the biggest schools...that means more names to be read...get the picture?  But it was worth it!
 Thank you BYU for introducing me to this guy!

I did it!  Who would have thought?  I'm so grateful for my education and the amazing past 4 years!  I will never forget the fun times spent with friends, the hard times discovering who I really was, and the knowledge I have gained.  Its been a great ride BYU!  And believe it or not, I kind of miss Provo already....good thing I married a Wonnacott cause you know I will be back as soon as football season comes along!


  1. Yeah for a BLOG!!!!! Now I can stalk you. You better update.

  2. Love the blog! Cant wait till the Wonnacotts come to Provo so I can see you!! love you

  3. Congrats cousin! Your wedding was fabulous! Congrats on graduation and being a married woman! So glad your blogging your journey so we can all keep up!